CBA-Eid-Reunion Program-2018

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Hurry Up and confirm your registration ASAP! First come first serve till 500.
Dear Students,
This is to inform you that College of Business Administration (CBA), IUBAT going to organize Eid-Reunion program-2018 on 28th of July 2018 for the students of CBA.

Program Date: 28th of July (Saturday)

Program Time: 9.30 am to 5 pm

Program Venue: IUBAT Open Auditorium+ IUBAT Playground

Registration Fee: 100 taka each student, 500 taka each faculty of CBA. (Only Faculty & Registered students of CBA can register).

Number of Participants: 500 Registered CBA students (First come first serve basis, as soon as the number of registered students reached at 500 the registration process will stop)

Registration Procedure: To fill-up the registration form and pay 100 taka at the CBA office #125 to collect your coupon. Make sure to bring your valid ID card during registration. With one valid ID card one student can register, if more than one registration can be found against one ID card, all the coupon(s) of that ID card will be cancelled as well as disciplinary action will be taken. You can only register and collect coupon for yourself only.

Registration Date: July 20, 2018 to July 23, 2018 (or till 500 registered students). Everyday 8.30 am to 5 pm in the room #125

Program Details
1st part 9.30am -1 pm:
• Meet and Greet 9.30 am
• Breakfast- 10 am
• Funny Game competition (10.30 am-1 pm) at the playground
o Game 01: Hari vanga/Ballon Breaking (blind folded) (Male/Female)
o Game 02: Spoon Marble Race (Male/Female)
o Game 03: Save the Balloon (Male/Female)
o Game 04: Biscuits Race (Male/Female)
o Game 05: Find the Coin (Male/Female)
o Game 06: Tug of War: Rope (Male/Female)

2nd part: 1pm-2pm
• Lunch will be served @Open Auditorium

3rd Part 2pm- 5pm
After Lunch @Open Auditorium
• Standup comedy
• Band Show
• Cultural program by CBA Students and faculty
o Song
o Dance
o Open floor performance
• Fishbowl: Participation is mandatory for All faculty and staff of CBA
• Raffle draw
• Prize giving ceremony:
Professor Dr Abdur Rab, Vice-Chancellor, IUBAT
Brig Gen Dr Md Zahid Hossain (Retd), Pro Vice-Chancellor, IUBAT

• Formal Closing
Professor Dr. Mohammed Tareque Aziz, Dean CBA, Director Advocacy, IUBAT


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